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Loki wants to go!

Final Prep for Italy Part 2

Loki wants to be a Gato(cat) in Italy with me. Evidently he's a Rick Steve's fan also. Everyone wanted to help me pack and on the eve of my trip the animals knew something was up and I am sad to leave them. Mostly because I will miss them. I know Lisa and Monica will take good care of my babies and they will not notice my absence much.

Well, I'm feeling quite naked sitting at the airport without my phone. We shall see if I go into convulsions after a couple hours. I felt gratified after going through security and stopping to do my repack. One man said he was amazed that my back turned into a transformer! I think I've planned well. Hope to see you all in Padua tomorrow!

Smiles from Cherish
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Final Prep for Italy Part 1

Tacoma Opera: The Turk in Italy

Rialto Theatre Tacoma, WA

Rialto Theatre Tacoma, WA

What a befitting way to not only prepare for my upcoming trip, but also celebrate my 35th birthday in style at the opera. Monica, Kelly and I (we missed our other Italian buddies Lisa and Amanda) attended The Turk in Italy: a charming, capricious tale of the fickle nature of love all in Italiano! The story line was playful and I as always was consumed by the music. Honestly, I understood only about a quarter of what they were speaking or singing really. I was grateful for the subtitles but it was also lovely to close my eyes and just recieve the sound of the alluring language in my ears.

Although we were dressed to the nines to fit in with the swank opera crowd, I felt rather odd being that I was hooping' and hollerin' with the Underground Roller Derby only a few nights before. I guess I might have gotten a few snooty comments from the opera crowd if they knew there was such an uncouth woman in their midst, but I'll definitely leave out the details of my enchantment with the opera at the Roller Derby. I might get body slammed by Menstral Cyclone, Irish You Pain or one of the other brutish women that wail on each other on the derby track. I have occasionally taken a few of their x-rays when things get rough.

It was a great experience and also good practice on being proper for my stay with the nuns. The convent I'm staying at in Rome has already sent me a rule list including dress code and curfew. Did one of you email them?

One week till takeoff!


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13 Days and Counting...

Past Lives

Past Lives

Greetings Family and Friends...

At the request of a few of yall, I have decided to blog my adventures in Italy. I'm off in two weeks and I will not be taking my beloved iPhone. So...if you would like to contact me, send me an email or post a comment on my blog and do not take offense if I don't return your text for 3 weeks. Mom and Monica will be able to contact me in case of an emergency. My goal is to live in the moment while I'm in the country I've always dreamed of visiting without being bound to any of my technological addictions. However, I will be able to check email and will make an effort to post pictures and anecdotes of travel mishaps, no doubt, when I'm cozy in my hotel room for the night.

My enchantment with ancient Rome began 20 years ago in 10th grade Latin class, continued in college Classics' and now manifests itself every Wednesday night at Sorrento's Restaurant in downtown Olympia studying Italian culture and language with a few close friends. This adventure has been a long time coming and I'm thrilled beyond words to have this rare opportunity to be in Italy for three weeks on my own.

Packing for a three week trip in a small carry on suitcase will be my first feat of bravery. We are talking only two pairs of shoes people! Undoubtedly I am traveling out of my comfort zone. I have obviously lost my mind being that I'm also staying with the nuns in Venice. More to come on that...


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