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The Dogs of Venice Duo

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The Dogs of Venice Uno

Can anyone tell where I left my heart?

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Tuscany Bound

I'm sitting in the courtyard of a historic hotel in Florence enjoying a glass of Prosseco and waiting for our group to attend our Tuscan dinner on the town.  We left Venice this morning and travelled to the heart of Tuscany for a 3 day stop here.  The bus ride was incredible winding through the rolling hills and vineyards, occasional crumbled stone villas dotting the landscape as we pass.  

My last days in Venice were fabulous.  I appreciated the quiet of the car free city.  Now that we are back to cars, I'm gonna have to look out for traffic....I know, I'm challenged.  Our group opted for a gondola ride with some music and song while we drifted along the narrow shadowy canals of Venice.  The gondoliers were raucous and competed in both rowing and singing.  A very memorable excursion.  I managed to get lost (surprise!) in the Doges palace. Actually in the dungeons to be exact. At dusk it is eerily quiet and dark, but it was worth it to see the palace, despite my skittishness when I lost my way in the haunting confines of the dank abandoned dungeon. There were so many dogs in Venice.  Which seems strand because there are not any places for them to run and play, but they are all out getting walked and I have yet to meet an aggressive dog here in Italy. 

There are so many works of art and history here in Florence, it is difficult to decide what to see in my free time. I keep telling myself to enjoy what I have time for, and that I will come back.  The tour is keeping us very busy. More on Florence soon.  

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Burrono Isle of Cats

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Donatto's Venice


Donnatto's Venice is a unique rendezvous between tourist traps and hole in the wall back street wine bars. I love the ambiance but feel a little closed in. It is the off season for tourist, and we are told that the city is "empty". This is the most crowded place I have been thus far! It is like a Disneyland for Art and History buffs...literally. I have been on several wild rides and mazes since I arrived between water buses and getting lost in the labyrinths that embody the streets of Venice. If you are wondering who Donnatto is, he is our suave Rick Steve's tour guide who has been doing this for nearly 20 years. An encyclopedia of knowledge from art to architecture to what steps to take when your ATM card is eaten by the machine in St. Marks square. Yes, that in fact happened to me today. I'm glad I didn't slack and made all the necessary arrangements for such a disaster before I left. I'm getting quite the education in travel mishaps.

I feel lucky to have experienced a few different masks of Venice. When I first arrived it was sunny and beautiful and now the fog has crept in and created a mystical aurora in the tiny alley ways and narrow canals. Today I had the unexpected pleasure of visiting Burano, one of many tiny islands around Venice. What a treat! The houses are Painted in vibrant colors and the island is known for its lace making. I ventured off during my free time in the quiet places of the tiny island and met up with numerous kitties. I miss my Loki so much. I had a blast taking pictures in the tourist abandoned residential areas.

Foodgasm of the day: spinach tortolini with those amazing little mushrooms in tomato sauce, NO! You can't make me come home!

The group is delightful. My roommate is a vegetarian from Seattle with a degree in Anthropology and strangely looks like my mom and was even born the same year. Perfecto! There are quite a few single folks and two couples from Dallas who I have taken to. They are my parents age and they have appointed me the wine bar tour guide in the evenings. It has been fun to enjoy my kindred Texan spirits and observe their take on Venice, an extremely difficult city to navigate. I won't tell them that I was the girl a couple days ago in rural northern Italy with zero sense of direction or sense and no hope of finding the bus.

I continue to see phenomenal sites and art but I'm more and more curious about the lives of the inhabitants of this ancient city. Many Venicians have dogs, everyday jobs and even make out sessions in the dark (and light) corners of the squares. All the locals thrive on the tourists. There is nothing else... EVERYTHING has to be shipped in and transported by boat into the city. Which makes for an expensive tourist destination. This morning as I was meandering along the edge of the canal I saw a boat unloading toilet paper and several racks of fur coats. I guess those are the essential Venician commodities.

Buono notte....Cherish

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