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Farewell Italia

Stuck at Paris airport, won't be home until 10ish tonight.  :( so...

The head sister was up early with me today at 5am.  We had a heartfelt farewell and as the taxi drove away from the convent, she stood in the arched doorway waving until we turned the corner.  I'm so glad I took a chance on the convent, one of my most treasured memories in Rome.  No worries though, I have no aspirations to become a nun.  Like they'd have me anyway...

I opened one of my last Bacci balls and it read:  "Take heart! Someone is expecting you."  Seriously, is someone planting these fortunes for me?  

My last foodgasm in Rome was my favorite veggie pizza to date:  eggplant, fresh peas, corn, olives, onions, tomato sauce (no cheese) and topped with fresh arugula after it came out of the oven.  Mmmmmm....  I am hesitant to get on the scale when I get home because I have eaten more pasta, pizza and bread on this trip than my prior 35 years combined I think.  However, I have taken so, so many steps and climbed more stairs than I can count.  Hopefully I at least broke even on that score.  I will give you the final stats...

Some of my favorite quotes from Italians I met:

Cab driver in Rome when I asked where he was from: "This is-a my only city"

Manager at vegan restaurant in Rome: "Bella, this is your house."

Waiter in Rome when asked how he ended up here from southern Italy: " I came here for, how you say, love-a"     That one just melted my heart

Random man on the street in Florence: "Ciao Bella, I love-a you, come with-a me"

Older Caprician man when I asked if he has travelled away from the island: "No! Bella, who would-a watch my dogs"

Hotel owner in Verona: "Make-a me happy, take your-a coat"

Kitty perched on a bench of the Pompeii theatre: "mmeeeeeoooooowwwww", repeat.  I almost brought him home

Winery owner Cecilia, Tuscany: "In order for wine to be good, you must have the right food, the right temperature and the right mood."

Hot guy at a gellateria in Verona responding to my request for directions in Italian. "ha! Bella, just talk English to me."

Sweet chef in Rome when asked if she could accommodate a vegan: "No capesco. Vegano?"

The wise Donnatto: "If you do not travel it is like reading only the first page of a book."

Travel lessons:

TRY to speak the language even if you are remedial like me, the locals will like you better and sometimes it makes them laugh....alot. And, it helps to talk with your hands.  

Even little old men will try to steal your bag if you are not on guard...I found this lesson too humiliating for a blog entry but I still have my bag

Sit next to the priest on the train.

Don't be in a rush, Italians take forever to do just about everything except shoot their morning espresso.   

There is no such thing as free wifi in Europe. What!?!?!

Space your time between relaxation and site seeing, it is possible to see too many museums in one day.  

  1. 1 lesson ever- No matter how you are feeling, or how truly lost you may be, hold your head high, and walk with purpose and confidence wherever you are going even if you don't have a clue where that is.

Blue bouncy dot and my babies only a few plane rides away, whoo, hooo!!!

Posted by cherishthelove 00:23

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Love your lessons and memories. We can translate your lessons learned to every day no matter where we are. Thanks for the memories shared . . .

by Patricia Dow

Cherish! So glad you are back!! And thank you for sharing all the wisdom you have gained! I think I will print this one out. I love the quotes too. I bet there are quotes by random people in our everyday lives that we can always learn from. What a great reminder. :)

Grazie!! Grazie!! Y bienvenidos a los estados unidos! Oops!! That was Spanish :)


by Mo'nica

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