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I Love Roma

I said goodbye to Sorrento in the dark hours of the morning, 6 am to be exact.  I left the hotel about 10 to 6 flying down the street dragging two bags, my hair uncombed and the scarf my roommate sent with me flittering in the wind behind me as I rushed to the bus. (not an uncommon sight for my co-worker Paula who sees me in this rushed state often at 730 AM)   "Please don't leave me!  I don't want to go back to the Naples train station!"  This is the only bus to Rome from Sorrento and though I would have liked to spend part of my day here, I'm not willing to get on the train again.  I made it at 558, an 8 min walk/run that my good friend Rick says takes 15.  Go me!  Well, I will always go back to Sorrento when the scent of lemons hits my nose.

When I arrived at the convent after an hair raising taxi ride across Rome, I was greeted by several sisters who spoke zero English.  It has forced me to speak and try to hear Italian.  All the women who work here are nuns, even the house keepers.  They all talk my ear off in Italian and I catch bits and pieces, hoping that what they are saying is not hugely important.  I did catch the curfew which was repeated several times and they wanted to know what churches I was going to see.  Alrighty then, churches is the theme for today.  Well church, cappaccino, Christmas shopping, church, wine, church.  They will be pleased and I have dressed in my most goody too shoes outfit - black travel skirt below the knees, black tights and shoes, long sleeved gray top with zero cleavage and a scarf.  They might ask me to stay.  We won't tell them I was in the rated xxx portion of the Pompeii museum yesterday. In all seriousness, they are incredibly welcoming and this has been my favorite hotel in Italy. I mean, it's in an old church, so it's covered in marble and has the most lovely terrace on the roof.  The nuns are delightful! And, my hair did not spontaneously combust upon arrival.  Shocker!

As I write this I am having my last afternoon prosseco on a patio cafe here in Rome next to the Trevi Fountain.  I stopped by and only threw in 1/2 a euro so I think Rome will allow me out this time.  I'm under an awning today because my final day in Rome has been drenched in rain.  A fitting sad goodbye and good prep for my return to Olympia.  It did not effect my sight seeing though, I am a Pacific Northwersterner after all.  

I woke up this morning early to see the sun coming up drenched in grayness behind all the beautiful Capitoline monuments from my convent terrace.  I did not linger though because I was on a mission to see several sights I had not hit yet.   I put my scarf over my hair and tied it round my neck and felt very sisterish as I trekked out in the rain.  I meandered around the Baths of Diocletian, perused the National Museum of Rome and stood at the base of the Holy Stairs watching the pilgrims climb to the top on their knees.  All of this before lunch and then an eire tour of the Cappucian Crypt (you xray girls are gonna love the pics from there) and the grand finale at the Castle of Sant Angelo that from the top gives you a 360 view of Rome. Sigh.... 

 Being back in Rome feels like going back to kindergarten after an afternoon in Naples and I have expertly crisscrossed all over Rome on the subway and BUS the past two days.  Can you believe it?  I will be so sad to leave Italy tomorrow because I have loved every minute of this adventure and everything about Italy. I have been giddy all day thinking about seeing my babies, um, oh yeah my wonderful friends too!  Y'all just don't cuddle as good as them.  ;) big shutout to Lisa at Friendly Grove for pampering my poochies and my roomy Monica for helping Loki through his depression.  

Travel lessons and poochie reunion still to come...

Ciao, Cherish

Bacci ball wisdom: Make sure you dreams do not remain dreams - How perfect is that?

VEGAN Foodgasms (yes multiple, this might get graphic, stop here if you are easily offended):
Lightly toasted polenta with pesto and pine nuts
Layered salad- artichokes, arugula, pears, arugula, artichokes drissled with olive oil and sprinkled with pomegranate
Tomato and soya ragu tossed with spiral pasta
Setian filet grilled to perfect texture and topped with orange zest
Dark chocolate cake drizzled with more dark chocolate and pomegranate
(the courses are all very small portions, but I'm still stuffed)

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Wish your journey was longer, However, I know your "babies" and your friends are missing you. I will have withdrawals too. It has been great to read your amazing posts and to gaze upon your photos. (especially Part 4) (:

by Liz

Hi Cherish!

Yes, Loki is going to be so happy to see you and his doggie siblings!! It will be so fun! Reba is going to be so happy too! She is lonely for her doggie friends but she was out patrolling the fence line like a brave girl this morning!!

See you soon! Mo'nica

by Monica

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