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Max who? this definitely ain't your show!


"Si signore, I'm looking for the bus"....but if you want to kidnap me to your little casa overlooking the sea, I'm ok with that too.  Unfortunately, I found the bus :(

As you can see I was enchanted by everything and everyone on the isle of Capri. The cliffs towered above the boat as we pulled into port and I headed to the blue grotto boats just a couple docks down.  Immediately I realized these must be the descendants of the ancient roman gods as I encountered a whole team of jolly Capricians with their dark sun kissed skin, heart melting smiles and boisterous flirty personalities.  One of them started singing to me as I nearly fell climbing on the boat and he caught my hand.  I apologize to any of my male friends/family who are reading this, but I gotta share with my girls.  

The blue grotto was my favorite tourist trap!  We pulled up to the entrance on a boat full of Japanese tourist, me and an Argentinian family as the little row boats fought against the current to get close enough to the big boat to allow us to jump on.  4 to a boat which is pretty tight.  I had the strange experience of laying down between the Argentinian mom as we squeezed through the the tiny cave opening.  As we entered the cavern, the rowers started singing "oh solo mio" and the cave lit up in a color blue my eyes have never seen. Too bad I was snuggled up to the Argentinian mom because it was a very romantic feeling to be in the cave with the echoing of the Italian music penetrating the small space.  The Japanese tourist were hysterical as they took turns on the little row boats.  They would come back on the boat giddy, giggling and squealing. It was so endearing.  

Then I went on my long awaited hiking adventure around the island. The sun was shining and it had to be in the 70's.  What a nice break from the bustling cities and museums.  I was completely alone and happy to be exerting my energy bouncing along the edge of the cliffs to the various ruined forts built by the brits.  At times I stopped and reclined on the warm rocks, closed my eyes and just took it all in.  Until a lizard crawled across my leg and I was screaming and dancing trying to ensure it did not crawl up my pants.  If anyone did see me, I'm sure I was a comical site.

It was on this hiking expedition that I got a little off course(surprise) and encountered the lovely non English speaking Caprician in a white tshirt and jeans, sweat dripping from his forehead from working in his garden, that helped me find the bus but did not kidnap me.  Lol. Maybe I should write pathetic romance novels because this sounds pretty sad.  The bus, typical caprician bus driver included, took me to another part of the island where I took a chair lift to the highest viewpoint.   Unforgettable.  I stayed on the island as long as I could shopping, lingering over wine and finally leaving on the last boat to Sorrento.  As dusk slowly engulfed the white buildings of Capri and we pulled away from the port, the city started lighting up in fitting blue Christmas lights reflecting on the water and my blue grotto memories.

Bacci ball wisdom:  Love too is sometimes a matter of fortune - well since one of my other Bacci balls said fortune is on my side, I should head back to Capri.

Foodgasm:  Lemon gellatto

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